Redbird - SD 1000   70/hr*

The Redbird SD1000 is a versatile aviation trainer that allows pilots to train with a variety of aircraft and avionics configurations, including:

  • Cessna 172 w/ Garmin 530/430 and KAP-140 Autopilot
  • Cessna 172 w/ G1000 and KAP-140 Autopilot
  • Piper Seneca (twin) w/ Garmin 530/430 and KAP-140 Autopilot
  • Aviator Club Member Rate | $70/hr.
    Non-Club Member Rate | $80/hr.
  • Standard Instruction | $75/hr.
  • Advanced Instruction | $80/hr.
Scheduling Requirements & Restrictions
  • Dual Instruction Only For Student Pilots
  • Rated Pilots Must Complete a Redbird Simulator Checkout Prior to Solo Simulator Reservations.
  • Include Your Panel Configuration Request When Creating Reservation.