Weather & Planning Tools

Rainier Flight Service wants to make sure that all students have the right resources at their fingertips to make the proper 'Go/No-Go' decisions every time. Some of the resources are free and some are paid subscriptions. With the rise of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB's) in recent years, pilots have more resources available than ever before to improve their decision making abilities and safety of flight.

FAA Approved Weather & Planning Resources
Aviation Weather Center - Current Advisories, Forecasts and Observations
AirNav - Airport and Navaid Information
1800WXBrief - Weather, Flight Planning & Flight Plan Filing
NOTAM Search
Graphical TFR

Other Aviation Weather & Planning Resources
ForeFlight - The Future of Aviation Maps and Flight Planning
SkyVector - Online Aeronautical Charts
Windy - Wind and Weather Visualization Tool
Online Flight Planning -

Traffic Cameras
Snoqualmie Pass
I-520 Bridge
I-90 Bridge